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Tradely is a full store management system that optimizes and simplifies all tasks in an easy and powerful interface that not only makes your business more efficient but also adds a whole new digital market channel.

Take your trading business to the next level.

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Tradely is a web-based tool, born from real trading experience that will simplify and centralize all aspects of your store management. Let it optimize all levels of your business chain, which allows you to focus on expansion.

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Manage efficiently with
easy and powerful tools

Within an easy and intuitive interface, you can manage your stock, customers, providers and suppliers, finances, materials, accounts, prices, sales, and more. All common tasks integrated in one powerful system.

Get your fully branded
online shop

All stock and prices are self updated and selectively published in your new e-shop, with controlled access and a fully functional shopping cart feature. Give your customers a faster and easier way to buy.

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Manage efficiently with
free license

The best feature about Tradely is that it is totally free! Setup, license, training and support at no expense at all. Only a 3% sales commission will be charged to orders that come through your new online shop.

Expand your market’s
reach worldwide

With optimized management efficiency you can focus on your business expansion and strategy, by gaining access to new markets through e-commerce and reaching new customers around the world.

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Store and warehouse management
  • Inventory tracking and coding
  • Stock levels monitoring
  • Multiple stores and warehouses
Providers / Suppliers tracking
  • Accounts
  • Financial records
Customer management
  • Accounts and profiles
  • Price segmentation
  • Transaction records
Product organization
  • Collections, categories, subcategories, classifications, and product lines
  • Type of product settings
  • Type of measures settings
Product breakdown
  • Metal and currency auto-updated value
  • Type, Material, Unit, Quantity
  • Code, Description, Category, Subcategory
  • Weight, measures, buy by, sell by, cost type, cost price, labor costs, material values
Reports & statistics
  • Material estimation
  • Supplier orders arrangement
  • Top products, top customers, top sellers, and more.
Online shop
  • Stock and price auto-updates
  • Access Control
  • Shopping Cart
  • Order application
  • Invoice management and logs
  • e-commerce tools
Cash flow and financials
  • Income and expenses
  • Bank accounts
  • Customer payments
  • Cash flow reports